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Mikey Margot at the house of blues in Las Vegas
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Anonim napisał(a): Hey, do you have some good facts about the band to tell me? :)


  • They say that there’s three Ws that are important when they’re touring: Wifi, Water, Weed (once Jesse smoked Weed in a hotel room… he told that in an interview and his mom heard that lol)
  • Jesse (vocalist) has a Tattoo dedicated to his girlfriend Anabel Englund. It’s a heart with the name “Annie” in it.
  • They like shorts and shoes a lot. Like, a lot, a lot.
  • Toppers Pizza is their favorite
  • Jeremy (guitarist) is into Classic Rock a lot. Like, Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin.
  • In their song $Ting, they did some dope shit
    I told you I’m sorry
    Couldn’t thank you enough
    I thought that I loved you but
    We weren’t in love
    Funny thing about that is, their first EP was called I’m Sorry…
    Their second EP was called Thank you,
    Their first full record was called I Love You.
    So that’s some genius shit, huh?
  • A classic tale: Sweater Weather was actually the first song they’ve written. It started all cause Zach and Jesse had a jam session together.
  • I love how much they take their concept so serious: they turned down Jay Leno cause this show wouldn’t want to make it in B&W. I love that.
  • Once the back door of their van was open when they were on an icy road. They could’ve killed people. Thank god nothing happened.
  • Once their speaker caught fire and they kept playing. And this is how you spell badass: T-H-E N-B-H-D.
  • They have this little.. uh.. let’s call it “an issue” with Airlines. Watch out for their tweets whenever they’re flying, it’s the best shit ever. Here’s an example
  • They’re pretty good buddies with The 1975. They wear their merchandise and The 1975 wears The NBHD merchandise… so I guess shipping bands is now a thing.
  • If they could colaborate with one artist, it would be:
    Mikey: Dustin Kensrue
    Zach: Kendrick Lamar
    Jeremy: Tony Iommi
    Jesse: DJ Premier
  • One time many girls threw bras on stage at their concert and Jesse kept giving them to Jeremy
  • They’ll give out a mixtape for free. New songs, for free. For. free. No one does that these days. They’re probably even the first band to do so. Dope!
  • Zach’s favorite B&W movie is Psycho. Jeremy’s Twelve Angry Men.
  • Mikey, Zach, Jeremy & Jesse all prefer Black more as a color than White.
  • Jesse can name all the Spice Girls, his favorite is Posh
  • Dianna Agron, Crystal Reed and Sophia Bush all follow the official The NBHD Twitter
  • They’d rather be prefered to One Direction than to Maroon 5, because Pop appeals them more than somehow Rock does
  • Mikey and Zach have been friends since foreeeever
  • Jesse actually designs all of their merch and sometimes you can spot how he did his own clothes on his own
  • One time Zach and Jesse did this interview and they were in this room of glass and you could see down the street. And their new drummer randomly Brandon showed up with a H&M bag and there were white socks in it (and Jesse was for some reason hella excited)
  • Here’s an old pic of Jesse and Brandon
  • And last but not least, the fans of this wonderful band are called Hoodlums, I think this is very important too.

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Finally an official version!!!!

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Warszawski koncert The Neighbourhood wyprzedany! :) // The Neighbourhood’s show in Warsaw is sold out! :)

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